Development Path

Best Auto Extended Warranty Service Company

Designed to enhance the industry influence and continually promote scientific research and innovation. As the industry's only representative, the company appeared on 2016 Boao Forum for Asia Paris Meeting and Top 100 Distributers Summit, and won two laurels, namely, "Automotive Financial Services Innovation Award" and "2016 Best Auto Extended Warranty Service Company". It drafts industry criteria and standards, strives to promote the orderly development of the industry, introduces distributer financing and consumer staging financial services, continuously innovates in the field of technology research and development, and acquires a number of own intellectual property rights and research results.


Diversified development

We have established a nationwide service network including more than 60 major cities and 800 partners, and we are approaching our long-term goal which is 100 cities and 1000 partners.
Our subsidiary, Huaaozhiyuan Used Vehicle Appraisal and Assessment (Beijing) Ltd., has been founded and is one of the few companies to initially attain the Xing certification of CADA.
Our company continues to develop new markets and diversified services. We have begun to provide financial leasing in the field of used vehicles - a brand new focus of our capital operations. 


Innovation Award

We began to cooperate with the CPIC.
Our annual sales reached 300 million yuan.
We became a Syndicate partner of the China Auto Dealers Chamber of Commerce(CADCC). We also received the Automobile Financial Service Innovation award from CADA. 


Break 100 million yuan

Our annual sales reached 100 million yuan and ensured our leading place in the Chinese market. 


Automobile Circulation Association

We became a Syndicate partner of the China Automobile Dealers Association(CADA) 


High speed development

We began to cooperate with the PICC and established a nationwide service network. A tremendous growth spurt took place in this year. 


Extended range

The national center in Beijing grew fast and acquired a good reputation. The regional centers in Xi’an, Jiaxing, Changzhou, etc were also expanded. 


Company network system and service team building

The technical team, the sales team and the service team were built and we also constructed the service network platform and carried out the system “pressure test.” 


Beijing Hua-Ao Auto Service Ltd was founded in Beijing

Beijing Hua-Ao Auto Service Ltd was founded in Beijing, and Safe Auto Membership Service was initiated for customers.