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Used Car Appraisal and Assessment Service

Hua-Ao zhiyuan Used Car Appraisal and Assessment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is affiliated with Beijing Hua-Ao Auto Service Ltd. By using the advanced experience from the developed countries in Europe and America and relying on Hua-Ao Auto’s years of accumulated customer resources, assessment detection outlets and a wide range of coverage, Hua-Ao zhiyuan rised rapidly from the market of used motor vehicles. Besides, Hua-Ao zhiyuan have developed a useful "dealer customer resource recycling management system", contributes to establish a beneficial used car cycle system, and provides China's vast number of car consumers and automobile manufacturers with professional automotive services in regard to the fields of controlling vehicle damage risk and constructing second-hand car.

The company officially became one of the about ten “Xing” members authorized by China Automobile Dealers Association in December 2014, and it is also one of the 15 units authorized by a national certification status of second-hand car appraisal. It identified more than 1,000 “Xing” vehicles annual year, which makes us the top three business units of used car appraisal and assessment industry, and in 2015 it won the “Best Potential Award of Xing" issued by China Automobile Dealers Association.

Hua-Ao zhiyuan is committed to creating exquisite recycling used cars, which has excellent quality and reassuring performance. Each Hua-Ao zhiyuan used car has passed 338 stringent testing by detectors of zhiyuan professional appraisal team, follows the “Xing” certification national standards, and issues the authoritative dual identification report. During the purchase, customers can run test drives, return cars within 30 days, and dispense with maintenancewithin 90 days. The company provides each car with up to 2 years / 30,000 km and six systems appraisal guarantee responsibility, and vehicle after-sales service is offered by the nationwide brand 4S shops, including original maintenance technology, original spare parts, original quality assurance and professional maintenance technicians team.