Service Process

Service support and process

一、Safe and reliable service process

To protect the privacy and personal information of our clients, we use a standard receipt and code during our service. The code is sent to both our attendant’s and client’s phones half an hour ahead of the appointment time.

1、Vehicle authentication service process:

2、Free- repair service process:

二、1.5 million Yuan compensation in total

Beijing Hua-Ao Auto Service Ltd is an auto extended warranty service provider supported by PICC and CPIC. After the client releases the vehicle to our service team, if the vehicle is damaged, robbed or violates traffic rules, we will assume compensation liability, with the amount of our liability not exceeding the lower of the replacement value of the damaged vehicle when the damage happened and the purchase price when the vehicle was bought.

If an accident is caused by the maintenance issue related to service provider's neglect, any body or property damage due to the accident shall be reimbursed by the service provider. The insurance company will cover:

Damage to the vehicle that is not exceeding the lower value between the replacement value of the damaged vehicle and 500,000 RMB. 

Damage to human body that not exceeding 1,000,000 RMB.

三、Comprehensive user location service

During our service, you can locate your car anytime and check the progress of the Claim Resolution Plan.

Note: this web site provides a summary of our process and coverage, for general information only. To determine your actual coverage in any particular case, please refer to your service contract.